Welcome to miniSouk – Where Craftsmanship Meets Tradition

miniSouk is more than just an online shop; it’s a unique concept store infused with the artisanal soul of Tunisia. Founded in 2011 by Ahmed Anis Kerkeni, our story begins in the charming town of Nabeul, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship.

Our Mission Our mission at miniSouk is simple: to support and promote local Tunisian artisans by providing them with a platform to share their exceptional creations with the world. Every product you find at miniSouk is an authentic piece of art, crafted with love and dedication by talented artisans.

Tunisian Craftsmanship Craftsmanship in Tunisia has a rich history dating back centuries. Each product we offer tells a unique story, and every artisan has their own tradition and expertise passed down through generations. We believe in preserving these traditions and celebrating Tunisian heritage through contemporary creations.

Our Products At miniSouk, you’ll find a variety of handmade products, from jewelry and textiles to pottery and decorative items. Each of our products is carefully selected for its exceptional quality, unique design, and authenticity. By choosing to support miniSouk, you are investing in Tunisian art, culture, and talent.

We take pride in playing a role in promoting Tunisian craftsmanship, and we hope you’ll be captivated by the beauty and uniqueness of our products.

Join us on our journey through Tunisian art and tradition. Explore our online store and discover artisanal treasures that will inspire and enchant you.

Thank you for visiting miniSouk, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We are delighted to share with you the magic of Tunisian craftsmanship.